Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A heart with Knife is the latest Book of author Shriya Arora

A New release A heart with a knife by Shriya Arora

A heart with knife is a spicy juicy novel by an upcoming writer Shriya Arora.

A heart with Knife is the latest Book of an Author Ms Shriya Arora. She was just 13 Years when she got published.  
This book is like a fantasy, where a lot of happenings are going on but no one knows the truth. The author has succeeded in building an interesting plot with many questions coming up in the mind of the readers  like whether Danish kill Tanisha or did Ravel kill Tanisha but how can Ravel kill her as he was already dead? 

Can Tanisha’s best friend, Zarnia kill her but she has everything in her life so what will she get by killing her? 

On the other side, Danish and Zarnia are blindly in love. If one of them is the murderer, how will it impact the other person’s life? 

Can the killer even be Tanisha’s parents? If Zarnia is the killer, what will happen to her status? Is she realizing side by side that it is even affecting her company?

That her company is going to loss. Will she get her ideal name as, “The Magic Wand of the Industry?” Who so ever is the killer, what does he/she want from her.

Everyone out over here has enough to survive. Will Zarnia be able to handle all this if she is not into those hands? Is Danish is in love with Zarnia, what is there to hide? What is his biggest secret that he is hiding from the world? 

Read on to get the answer of all the questions that have been bothering you. This book is a collection of thrill, fun, love, attitude, show off, enjoyment and everything. 

Easily we can say that this book is a dish of all tasty spices. 

Taste them and figure out your favorite spices in this dish. This dish is that sweet that it can led diabetes or fully salty to will shoot up your blood pressure. This dish will energize your every organ without any excess.    

Shriya stated writing this book at the age of 13 and got it published after a year. She has a keen interest in writing poems and her poems have been sent to an Organization in London called Young Writers and got published in some of the books. Her hobbies include writing, photography and dancing.

Book: A Heart with Knife
Author: Shriya Arora
Price: USD $ 3.99 or INR 170
Pages: 93
ISBN: 978-93-82070-54-2
Publishing Date: 2012
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